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Q1: What inspired you to write the novel "Nikki Armstrong - Measure of a Woman"?

A: Nikki Armstrong was born from my experiences as a dedicated corruption-fighting investigator in a corrupt world. The character's essence is primarily shaped by the incredible women I had the privilege to work with during my action-packed forty-three-year career. Many of Nikki's stories are rooted in their actual lives, though with a touch of poetic license.

Q2: Who are the most important characters in the book, and how significant are they to the novel's narrative?

A: The characters in the book are drawn from the real lives of the remarkable women with whom I've worked. Their importance lies in the authenticity they bring to Nikki's world, providing a rich tapestry for the novel. While fictionalized to some extent, their influence is pivotal in shaping Nikki's character and the overall narrative.

Q3: Can readers expect more adventures with Nikki Armstrong in the future?

A: Absolutely. I've already penned more than 15 Nikki adventures, and there are more in the pipeline. Nikki's journey is ongoing, and readers can look forward to new and exciting developments in her story.

Q4: What makes "Nikki Armstrong - Measure of a Woman" a compelling read, and why should readers care about this work?

A: The character of Nikki is a young African American female with strengths I believe can inspire the lives of many other young African Americans, both male and female. Her story is one of resilience, courage, and empowerment, making it a compelling read for those seeking inspiration and representation.

Q5: Beyond Nikki Armstrong, what other genres and works can readers explore at G-Square Books?

A: G-Square Books covers a diverse range of genres, including Poetry, Fiction, Action and Adventure, Children’s books, Youth Books, Spiritual Wellness, Comics, and works of Horror. There's something for every reader's taste within our collection.

Q6: Tell us more about the children's books at G-Square?

A: G-Square is proud to have over 40 children’s books in print, with five of them part of a series format. All aim to engage and entertain young readers while delivering valuable lessons in an enjoyable manner.

Q7: How did the focus on corruption books come about, and what can readers expect in this genre?

A: We initially started publishing with a focus on corruption books, given my 43-year experience in that field. These books delve into the complexities of corruption, providing readers with intriguing insights and thought-provoking narratives.

Q8: Why is Poetry one of your favorite areas within publishing?

A: Poetry, with its expressive and emotive nature, holds a special place in my heart. It allows for a unique form of storytelling that resonates with readers on a deep, emotional level.

Q9: Could you elaborate on the "Voice of Youth" initiative at G-Square Books?

A: "Voice of Youth" was a groundbreaking program where we invited fifty young or aspiring authors between the ages of five and fifteen, to submit their manuscripts with a guarantee of being published. The program was a success, providing a platform for emerging voices in the literary world.

Q10: Who is Florence Evans in the Nikki Armstrong books, and what role does she play?

A: Florence Evans is the arch-nemesis of Nikki Armstrong, who first appears during a bank robbery where Nikki overpowers a robber. In so doing, Flo’s brother is killed and her fiancé is wounded. Flo vows vengeance on Nikki, and after she escapes from federal prison, she actively pursues that vengeance. She is set to make appearances in several Nikki episodes. Her character adds a layer of complexity and intrigue to Nikki's adventures, creating anticipation for readers.

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