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Children's Storybooks

Children's Books

I CAN FEED MYSELF: Marcus Masters Oatmeal

We invite you on the amazing journey as young Marcus conquers that journey of learning how to feed himself. Think about it, We have all had to do it.

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Good Morning Sun E book cover-01.jpg

Good Morning Sun: Happy To Meet You!

Sun book details: When Hareem was three years old, her mom read her a book called “Thanks to the Sun”.

Hareem was so excited about the book she began to pray to God to be allowed to meet the sun so she could thank him for all he has done.

Hari, as most of her family and friends called her, loved this book and read it over and over again.

Over the next four years, Hari asked God for this blessing everyday, nonstop.

There came a time, when Hari awoke one morning and, lo and behold, sitting on the side of her bed, was none other than the Sun.

Now, who would believe that!

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In a small town in Nevada lived an average family with what seemed to be an average dog. Their names were Jim, Nicole, Lola, Mikey, and a mini dachshund named Brick.

Brick is always there for his family and loves spending time with them; but whenever the kids leave for school or mom and dad leave for work, Brick begins his daily adventures.

Within the pages of what you now hold is an adventure of which Brick and his family never imagined. We invite you to flip the pages and join Brick and his family on this awesome new adventure.

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Voices Of  Youth

Bonjour young readers. Allow me to share the youthful perspective that this book is being presented to you, which contains forty sublime manuscripts from six countries! Though I hope this might enhance your perspective on things and think innovatively. Every tale will engulf you in a new world filled with the adventure which awaits you. 
The purpose was none other but to polish young writers and to inspire others by their art of writing. 
Every manuscript is entirely divergent from each other. While we each have a story to tell, it is by no means the same story. I promise you that there is beauty in the young minds you will embrace in the coming adventures. This is just the beginning of a noble endeavor by a caring man taking on the challenge of working to reach the mountain and make a difference while lifting us young ones up along the away.

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Shukrani kwa jua

Je! umewahi kulitazama jua, na kufikiria kuhusu uzuri wake unatoka wapi? Vinny Green na Jaila McCoy wameamua kuwasilisha maoni ya vijana kwa ajili ya kushukuru Sun.

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Thanks to sun cover (1).jpg

Coloring Book: Thanks to the Sun

With thanks and undying gratitude to our supportive youth, G-Square Publishing will be providing these impressive coloring books with crayons to our youth events.

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rylee cover.png

Revealing Rhylee

Hi, my young friends. I wanted to share with each of you the time I spent waiting to be born.
It seems that we all have to do it, so strap in as I tell my tale. It might seem strange, but before we are born, each of us spends at least nine months getting ready for what is commonly.

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Dandelions Don’t Care Where They Grow

Dandelions have been around for thousands of years. They just grow where they want to grow and can end up in the most interesting places.  Even if they seem like pesky wild flowers to some, they are loved by others. Find out by reading the book, some of the places they actually grow and some silly imagined places too and about one special thing they are thought to be able to do for you that is magical.

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I Saw A Mouse Today

Akbar Brown lives comfortably in his four-bedroom home with his loyal dog Benji. The two of them pay special attention to maintaining their home and making sure their friends always feel comfortable and welcome.

Once Boris, an uninvited mouse, makes his way into their home, Akbar is intent on having the intruder find someplace else to live.

It’s not long before Boris is getting away from every trap Akbar sets for him.

As the days go forward, Akbar believes that Boris and Benji, Akbar's dog have become friends.

Will Akbar be victorious in his quest to send Boris packing, or will the outcome be different than any of them had planned?

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Thanks To The Sun

Have you ever looked upon the sun, thought about from where its beauty comes? Vinny Green and his young niece Jaila McCoy have decided to present a youthful view of thanking the Sun.

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Today is the first day of the rest of young Arayah’s life. Ari is eager to make sure that she does all that she can to get it right. For Ari, this means taking the time to think about something as simple as what she can do to make sure all the things that exist from sea to sea will be blessed with proper names. For today what that means to Ari is making sure that she comes up with the appropriate name for the majestic tree. Come along with Ari as she takes on the task of giving this perennial plant a name that will be sung throughout the land.

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Split Peas and Grease

The author takes us through his humorous childhood experience of having to eat Split Pea Soup for lunch during school recess as a little boy. A soup that he dislikes to this day.

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Lulu And The Swamp Mamba

Lulu was born in Dar es Salaam. Even as a toddler, she knew what she wanted to grow up to be. Whenever she was asked what that would be, Lulu would always leap into the air and announce with a great big cheer: “I want to grow up to be a Superhero. The first girl in Tanzania to grow up to be a protector of the people. How cool is that going to be?”


In English, the name Lulu means pearl. Because of that, Lulu’s family and friends always called her the Pearl of Dar, the Queen superhero to be.

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Arielle Shares Her Birthday

Arielle awoke on this day, with a great big smile on her beaming beautiful face. This particular day has only happened three times before. I bet you cannot guess why. Well, today is Arielle’s fourth birthday! How cool is that? Please join us, as we listen to the story of celebrating this awesome day.

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The Unicorn, Princess & The Rainbow

Once upon a time, there was a magical unicorn named Nikki. This unicorn was white and pink, with a multicolored mane, looking a lot like a rainbow. Nikki was very happy and proud to be a Unicorn. That was until a wicked witch came to the magical land, taking Nikki from her mom and dad and the rest of her family, and locking her in a great tower that went so far into the sky it could not be seen. Not cool, not cool at all. The wicked witch told Nikki she would never let her out of the tower. She laughed, and said, “I don’t think you can even find your way out if I allowed you to try and do that. The witch took out a picture of Nikki’s mom and said, “This woman you will never see again. In little, you will never see any of your family again.”

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Pigeons Don’t Care Where They Go

Did you know pigeons have been around for thousands of years? They just seem to have been around forever. Maybe that’s why you can pretty much go anywhere and will see a pigeon. Sometimes they can seem like pests and you may not like that. However, they are just birds and mean no harm. Besides, if you take the time, it is fun watching them and everything they do. They just go where they want to go and can end up in the most interesting places. Read on and see for yourself some of the things they do... and about one special thing you would never think they are thought to be able to do for you. M Thomas B is la long-time bird enthusiast who once flew pigeons on rooftops of Brooklyn in New York City. Since his youth, he has watched pigeons and their antics and developed a fondness for them. His narrative poetry book “Pigeons Don’t Care Where They Go” was written to bring thoughtful recognition and compassion to our feathered friends.

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Grandma and I go Horseback Riding

I saw an old picture of grandma today. It was a family picture with the rest of Koala Clan having a good time.

She had on blue jeans and was standing next to a jet-black horse. She was feeding it a sugar cube and laughing with her friend. I told grandma how cool she looked.

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Benny Puppy and Myeshia Bunny, BFFs

When Benny Puppy heard Lisa, the bi-ped’s blue 1972 mustang turn into the driveway, he ran across the room, jumping up and down and wagging his tail, as most happy puppies will do. The good thing was that this meant Benny’s BFF, Myeshia Bunny, was finally home after spending almost a week at the veterinary hospital.

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Wishing Star Cover-01.jpg

Matthew, Michaelle, Oswald and the Wishing Star

The Christmas season was well in gear. Grandma M was smiling from ear to ear. To Grandma, the Christmas season is a very special time of year. With Christmas just three days away, Grandma was in her usual place, in the kitchen, baking pies with her grandchildren, Matthew, and Michaelle. This band of bakers had been singing Christmas songs all day long. Songs about Jesus, His birth, and this special day coming their way.

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