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Let not corruption be your fate ebook-01.jpg

Let Not Corruption Be Your Fate

A message to those corrupt minds that move about the globe working to plant seeds of destructive doubt:

If you chose to darken my door with some corrupt undertaking, know this one unshakeable truth
You are in for the fight of your life!
Your skill is irrelevant.
It is my tenacity that you should fear.
Yes, my friend, be afraid, be very afraid.
Be prepared to know terror unbound standing at your termite-infested doorstep.
I am coming armed to the teeth,
both physically and mentally.
I take no prisoners, and if in this noble struggle, the need should arise;
I am prepared to fight dirty to keep hope alive!

Vinny Green

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Poetic book OF VINNY GREEN Cover (1).jpg

Poetic book of Vinny Green

In this sharing from the heart, I attempt to explore love and, in some instances, hate in their many forms and sources.
I have loved and been in love for more than half a century. I have endured broken hearts and might have even broken one or two, although as I look in the mirror, I seriously doubt it. I have foolishly thought I had it all figured out, only to come to the realization that when it comes to love and being in love, I have but scratched the surface, and my vision remains severely trammelled. I have seen people do physical harm to one another, claiming to be acting in the name of love.

I have witnessed mental anguish poured out like a flood, again claiming love as the cause. I have seen death invited through the door like a lustful vampire, once more under some absurd pretext that, in death, love will endure. Through it all, what I am prepared to say is that far too many of us have never met love face to face.
In my desire to continue my journey, I present to you The poetic
works of Vinny Green.

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50 Quotes and Thoughts, Inspired By Love and Hope

I have lived a life strapped in the armor of hope and breastplate of faith. As I have stated in earlier writings, “There is little of my life I expected it to be”. Yet, I would not reposition one grain of sand, one raindrop, or hide from one gust of wind. For with that deflecting, I would not be who I am. Good or bad, I do not know. I do know that I am me, and the road before me is engineered for my steps and none other.


This work consists of 50 Quotes that came to the author’s mind. Each quote has an afterthought of inspiration or a call of thought that comes with it. After traveling deep within my peaceful soul, I wish to share with you 50 quotes and thoughts inspired by love.

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my mind.jpg

My Mind to Your Mind

My Mind to Your Mind is the third volume in a series of poetic works and short stories of which the author, Vinny Green, hopes will be viewed as a thought-provoking sharing. Each volume has been an effort on sharing ideas, expressions, and feelings from his heart, mind, and soul.

These three volumes has been a unique undertaking in that very little of it was a planned effort:


  1. A View from My Bay

  2. Untrammeled Love

  3. My Mind to Your Mind

Vinny very much believes these volumes to be the contributing work of the Lord, as he has never seen himself as a poet or writer and, without a doubt, never capable of expressing his feelings as they relate to the subject of love and heartfelt caring.


Much of what you have digested in the earlier works, or will absorb, as you move forward in this final volume, has been no more than the rolling out of Vinny’s heart as he awoke each morning, and sometimes during the night and the Good Lord deemed it proper to impregnate his mind with ideas and feelings resting on his heart and soul. It was then deemed proper to birth those ideas and feelings through the written and spoken word in the hope of a glorious melding of minds.

It is with unspeakable gratitude that we thank each of you for taking time from not just your day but also your life to ponder the words and thoughts of this author’s corporeal mind, which has happily become this work, My Mind to your Mind.


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minutes from the heart.jpg

Minutes From The Heart - Glimpses Into A Man and His Heart : Daryl Green 

The heart does not write, It does not sit before paper, with pen in hand, or keyboard with fingers poised over fading letters.

The heart speaks, often in a rapid, unexpected torrent. It is moved, and it moves. It brings forth angst, anguish, betrayal, denial, and triumphs. It sings of dances seen over and over again. All while remaining secret. It gushes rather than plods. Its synchronicity is sometimes out of time to its own rhythm.

The heart is art; It is passion, It is the source, the ocean that feeds the rivers of souls, And the question that longs to be answered. It speaks in minutes while taking lifetimes to be understood. Minutes from the Heart stands not as a gift as much as a challenge. Do with it what you will.

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few things.jpg

Just A Few Things That I Need To Share

In this work, the author Vinny Green continues to share his poetic prose, thoughts, and God-inspired ideas. He also happily shares the coming out of newly discovered poets Charise Smith and her talented son, Marcus Pankey.

Now available!

about coloor.jpg

It Is Not About Color, It Is Your State of Mind

WOP, MICK, GUINEA, SPIC, COON, SLOPE, TOWEL-HEAD, REDMAN, KIKE, SPEAR-CHUCKER, JUNGLE BUNNY, BEANER, GREASER, AND NIGGER. If you know any of these words, their genesis, and shameless offspring, then it is time to strike them from your life. Erase them from your mind, delete them from the vocabulary of People kind. Do you honestly think that your opinion of me, in truth, determines my place in this society? At the end of the day, it is not about race, gender, or the different people that may come to mind working to pass judgment on me and the rest of mankind.

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If God Had to Account for Us-Thoughts and Poems Not Necessarily Rolling From The Mind of One Who Cares

Mark Twain once wrote: “Sing like no one's listening, love like you've never been hurt, dance like nobody's watching, and live like its heaven on earth.”

Such is what each of us should strive for in this God-ordained life. It does not require anything extra or cost all that you have.

It does not bring about the daily emergence of new levels of pain or the forming of lies just to get by. 

It requires beginning each day understanding that in the end, or I should say, in the new beginning, there will be an accounting for the things you have said, or perhaps for reasons known only to you, did not say.

So, awake each day, intent on speaking wisdom from your Godgiven heart. Let no other heart play a part. Begin each meal, spiritual and physical, by thanking God for the sustenance and keeping his part of the deal. While doing so, improve the imperfections that undoubtedly exist within your own. We are each a work of art. A sculpture in progress, placed in this earthly class to bring about not a better you, but a better we. For this, we must each account.

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A View From My Bay - Growing Up Me, The Poetic Lines

G-Square Publishing is honored to release this thoughtful work from Vinny Green, the life-long corruption fighter, former Deputy Commissioner of the New York City Department of Investigation, and Chief Executive Officer for G-Square Publishing.

In stark contrast to his previous award-winning literary works, the decorated corruption fighter finds his voice in this undertaking through his personal prose, poignant poetry, and self-reflective short stories'. Vinny’s life has been devoted to the demise of corruption. This work delves into Vinny’s formative years growing up in the Bayview Houses of Canarsie, Brooklyn, which offered a well-stocked feeding trough in hardy and difficult-to-swallow life-shaping meals in the nurturing and maturing of a corruption fighter.

Over the last four decades, Vinny has mastered the skill and art of corruption fighting and deployed those skills throughout the City of New York and, when called upon, beyond the borders of the United States into the streets and training rooms of developing nations elsewhere.

Green speaks about love, life, loss, illness, injury, tragedy, triumph, family, and terrorism in his View From My Bay. 

Now available!

Expression book cover-01.jpg

Expressions - Rumbling Thoughts and Emotions Working to Escape This Head

This is an evolving effort by author and poet Vinny Green to share his blessing from above of inspiring words and thoughts, most often taking the time to express true love. He continues to share what has come to mind in the hope of touching hearts and inspiring minds.

Now available!

Untrammeled Love-01.jpg

Untrammeled Love

This is the author’s first book of poems. It consists of eightythree mostly love poems with a dash of lust and hate. Each was written with little to no pre-thought given to the limitations of man’s corporal mind, but with the beauty of the ineffable love resting in the hearts and minds of most beings who choose to embrace truth when looking into the eyes of true love.

This is the author’s first book of poems. It consists of eightythree mostly love poems with a dash of lust and hate. Each was written with little to no pre-thought given to the limitations of man’s corporal mind, but with the beauty of the ineffable love resting in the hearts and minds of most beings who choose to embrace truth when looking into the eyes of true love.

Untrammeled Love is more than an anthology of poems and prose speaking of love. It is a treasure map taking the reader to the rainbow, unmasking the pot of gold, revealing what it means to be "In-Love.” What you hold in your hand, see on your screen, or hear in your blessed ears, is not simply for sharing. These pages will bring forth feelings, revive dreams, and scrape the scales from the trammeled vision blocking what should be your reality.

Now available!

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