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Integrity & Accountability

The Cost of Fraud

It is estimated that there are between 2.9 – 3.7 trillion dollars in fraud losses annually in procurement operations. The average fraud scheme has a lifespan of 18 months before it is detected. Twenty-four percent of the reported fraud that takes place materializes in billing schemes of various types. Studies have shown that anti-fraud controls have the ability to reduce occurrences & losses from fraud. These publications will walk the reader or listener through proven methods for establishing anti-fraud steps to reduce, if not eliminate, fraud.

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One Brick At A Time-A Discussion for Building A Temple of Integrity & A Corruption Free Environment In Developing Nations 

After meeting with the highest levels of government in several developing nations plagued by corruption, I engaged in discussions focused on planning steps to bring corruption to its knees.

At the conclusions of these discussions, I was asked to prepare a plan of action that had the possibility of being a valuable resource in helping, developing and, so-called, “Third World Nations” as they continued to move forward in the struggle to take on this battle and bring about a victorious end to the stronghold that corruption seemed to have in these governmental institutions.

Based upon the initial discussions with leadership and interacting with officials from the U.S. State Department on the topic of corruption, I believe that what you are about to read or listen to addresses the matter by beginning with the following three critical perspectives, supported by committed governmental leadership:

1. A national awareness plan to sensitize the people of the damage that corruption has inflicted upon the nation.

2. A program presenting leadership’s intent on bringing corruption to its knees, beginning with the implementation of the ten commandments of combating corruption

3. Constructing a successful corruption-fighting agency

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Shooting From The Lip, An Introduction To The Art of Interview and Interrogation

I have had the honor of combating corruption for my entire adult life. In truth, I actually began this battle as a child. I bring this work focused on Interview and Interrogation forth as the third volume in the 10-volume set of the arsenal with which I intend to arm my current, former, and the next generation of corruption fighting colleagues in the global effort to bring corruption to its knees. I intend for the next generation to be well-armed with the remarkable foresight of history and sharing and an abundance of caring.

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There Can Be No Draws - Combatting Corruption Requires Being In Control

This Life Saving Publication Has Been Made Possible Through the Lifelong Commitment of “Grand Master Florendo Visitacion” and the Remarkable Teaching and Training Skills Of Professor David James And Assistant Commissioner and Chief Firearms Instructor Alberta Ancrum, Osu!

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Who Rigged The Bids Inspection and Oversight

In his second inaugural address in 1937, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the 32nd president of the United States, shared the following quote: "The test of progress is not whether we add more to the abundance of those who have much; it is whether we provide enough for those who have too little."

The president understood that it's somewhat of an easy undertaking for the rich to increase their wealth. However, in contrast, he also understood, without fear of serious rebuttal, that it is much harder for the poor among us to stop being poor.

The president also understood that sought-after goals such as freedom and equality go hand in hand. These are goals that corruption and its spawns of despair work each day to bring about the demise. Accept this book as the guardian standing in the gap, prepared to combat all corrupt undertakings working to bring about the demise of hope.

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Active Shooters In Houses of Worship - Don’t Bring a Secular Response To Spiritual Combat

Between 2000 and 2013, there has been an average of eleven Active Shooting events per year in the United States. In its infancy, this taker of lives moved amongst us without a specific name or an understanding of aim. It is only now that we see the calamitous harm that such terror attacks have on the nation as a whole, the way we live, and the psyche of our youth.

This plague has attacked our schools and shopping malls, and increasingly, it is showing its face in our houses of worship. In fact, attacks on houses of worship have steadily increased since the Alabama bombing of 1963 that killed four young girls.

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Untrammeled Vision

The information provided in this publication has been compiled from the combined experience of more than 40 years of the author in conducting physical and electronic surveillance operations. That being said, it should be understood that this publication merely touches on the basics of surveillance. Please keep in mind that as technology changes and the connections between corrupt acts expand locally, nationally, and globally, how investigators conduct surveillance must adjust to fit the situation

Many corruption schemes have international connections. Planning such operations as undercover operations, interviews, interrogations, and surveillance must be approached with a global mindset.

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If You Build It, They Will Come - Deconstructing Procurement Fraud In The Fight Against Corruption

Some of the most damaging acts of fraud affecting the stability of a nation, community, or organization manifest themselves in the form of procurement fraud.

When government sets out to build its procurement systems, corrupt individuals within and without will work to take dishonest advantage of what has and is being built. This work will help to prevent these acts of fraud.

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Who Rigged The Bids? Combatting Contract  Fraud In The City of Brotherly Love

It is estimated that some 21,000 children die every day, as a result, of corruption. That is equivalent to:
1. One child every 4 seconds
1. Fourteen children dying every minute
3. A 2011 Libya conflict-scale death toll every day
4. A 2010 Haiti earthquake occurring every ten days
5. A 2004 Asian Tsunami occurring every 11 days
6. Just under 7.6 million children dying every year
7. Some ninety-two million children dying between 2000 and 2010
The silent killers that work hand in hand with corruption are greed, poverty, hunger, easily preventable diseases and illnesses, indifference, and other related causes. Despite the scale of this daily and ongoing catastrophe, it rarely manages to achieve, much less sustain, prime-time headline coverage. Corruption has become skilled at muffling the voices of its victims.

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I Weep For The Nation That Rebukes Integration In Favor of Mass Incarceration

Just as Man was created by intelligent design, sadly, the idea of Mass Incarceration has been formed by the lesser minds of humankind. I fully recognize that the title, "I Weep For The Nation That Rebukes Integration In Favor of Mass Incarceration'', is a mouthful. They are also words that must be bellowed from atop the Kingdom's walls. If you have the ability to comprehend, then pick up this book. If you have the slightest interest in truth, then read these words. If you desire to be a part of a nation that thrives on equality, justice, and morality, then digest the meal of righteousness that these words represent.

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Corruption in the 21st Century

This is the first work which author Vincent Green wrote entirely on his own. It is a detailed work that provides the reader with instructions on the proper way in which to conduct a corruption investigation and the proper follow-up after completion to benefit and impact the victimized agency and the people.

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And They Were Led by Corruption

This volume of Corruption in the 21st Century entitled: And They Were Led by Corruption, Planting Seeds to Devalue and Devour our Crops from within, will provide insight to students, practicing investigators, and businesses that are potential victims of corruption.

The publications that make up the ten-volume set of comparing corruption, will introduce readers and listeners to actual corruption cases. None of the ten volumes will contain the actual names of participants or victims of these schemes. However, the cases do provide a basis for readers to understand how these corrupt acts came about, how they were investigated, and each case was resolved to the benefit of the people.

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