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Sometime in 2020, I took a moment to give thought to my awesome dad and the man he was. I took some time to reach out to friends, relatives and neighbors, who knew Dad well while still in his earthly form and made a thoughtful impression on them. This effort was my intent to pay homage to my dear dad.

The purpose of the call was to ask that they take a moment or two and share a story about Bobby Green, my awesome dad and a man among men.

Due to the reality of time and quite possibly because of my marred eyes, many of my outreaches resulted in, “I’ve got several stories about your dad, but all that I could share would be second and third hand.” A disappointing response, but at times, truth has a heavy hand.

In 2011, my wife suffered a debilitating stroke leaving me to provide for her needs, and I happily did so, this left little time for the care of this particular work.

In 2023, I too suffered a stroke, which left me with some memory loss. I'm of the hope that this never happens again, I thought it best to begin writing my dad’s story again, at least to the best of my ability. With that thought in mind, I present to you all “Being Bobby Green”.

In the interest of accuracy and the hope of passing on this sharing from those who were there, I’ve chosen to share these tales only as they came to me from the memories and lips of men and women who were there.

What you are about to read or hear will come in the form of Short Stories, Poetry and Prose. I pray that each one makes a lasting impression on conveying the man that Bobby Green was.

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Nikki Armstrong And The Christmas Thief : A Nikki Armstrong Short Story

As the trio got into the most recent addition to the C. A. R. E. fleet, Nikki’s cell phone rang. As programmed, the vehicle’s internal communication system answered the call and announced “Nikki Armstrong, how can I help you?” The response on the other end of the call in a sinister voice said.

“Start counting Bitch, you will be dead by Christmas morning.” The caller then abruptly hung up.

Nikki looked at the team and said,

“I told you that the evil witch was not dead. Jumping off that bridge into the frigid waters of the river was nothing more than satan’s wake up call for evil to rise again.

Strap in gang, she is not about to stop until either she or I are zipped into purple body bags.

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Open Mic: A short story from the G-Square Chronicles

Julianne was now on her knees in what was once lush green grass as she watched his body burn. She could still hear the whimpers of what were once his screams from the searing pain of the flames and the chemicals melting his once creamy white skin from his demonized encased bones.

This was coupled with the sound of the remaining guard dog, still whimpering in pain and all but lifeless. With each stab of the pitchfork from her Middle Eastern support team and fellow captives also came a whimpering from the dog of death, who, like his demonic owner, was finally about to die himself.

Each of the four women stood over the canine with pitchforks that now had, oddly, become weapons of liberation being used to drain the life from the fear-dispensing trained bringers of death.

The remaining three women stood by the alligator swamp watching with glee as the denizen of the swamp devoured what was left of the remaining dog.

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Memories of Ground Zero, From There to Here, Making Each Day Count

Memories of Ground Zero will take you through the author's experiences from the initial strike at the World Trade Center by the first plane, through the collapse of the towers, the rescue and recovery effort and his struggles to work with his brave comrades in working to provide necessary resources and security in and around Ground Zero.

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A View From My Bay- Short Stories That Moved Me  From Day To Day

Wow, I think you will enjoy this final edition of "A View From My Bay.” If you enjoy short stories over poetry, then "A View From My Bay-Short Stories that moved me from Day to Day" is for you to take some time to read, or better yet, listen to.

I am sure that some of my experiences will spark flashbacks for some, hopefully with a smile. This edition is in response to readers who prefer short stories and have asked G-Square to produce the book "A View From My Bay" into a short story format. At G-Square, all you need do is ask, and if we have the ability, your wish is our command. Please enjoy. Heck: if not, we will try it again.

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A View From My Bay

G-Square Publishing is honored to release this thoughtful work from Vinny Green, the life-long corruption fighter, former Deputy Commissioner of the New York City Department of Investigation, and Chief Executive Officer for G-Square Publishing.

In stark contrast to his previous award-winning literary works, the decorated corruption fighter finds his voice in this undertaking through his personal prose, poignant poetry, and self-reflective short stories'. Vinny’s life has been devoted to the demise of corruption. This work delves into Vinny’s formative years growing up in the Bayview Houses of Canarsie, Brooklyn, which offered a well-stocked feeding trough in hardy and difficult-to-swallow life-shaping meals in the nurturing and maturing of a corruption fighter.

Over the last four decades, Vinny has mastered the skill and art of corruption fighting and deployed those skills throughout the City of New York and, when called upon, beyond the borders of the United States into the streets and training rooms of developing nations elsewhere.

Green speaks about love, life, loss, illness, injury, tragedy, triumph, family, and terrorism in his View From My Bay. 

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Nikki Armstrong-Let The Music Play

This was Mayday’s fifth trip to Nassau. Up until this morning, there was no place on earth he would rather be. Hell, even his dreams back home were filled with lazy days looking forward to a return trip to the Bahamas and the success he was certain was coming for his son and daughter in the music industry.

As the next page of life turned to start this new day, his life changed in a way he never thought possible.

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Nikki Armstrong-Handle With Care

Today, BB needed to push the memories of 911 aside and get ready for a new day, with a new addition to the CARE ensemble. A new piece of the CARE package which BB unflinchingly believed could take his vision to a new level, which was the joining of Nikki Evelyn Armstrong to the crew.

BB knew precisely how Nikki felt when she decided to toss her badge and end an important stage of her life’s calling. It was ten years ago to the day in which BB too had a Nikki experience, depositing his gun and badge into the East River. 

It was ten years ago to the day in which BB too had a Nikki experience, depositing his gun and badge into the East River. With the jettisoning of that weight, BB came to the realization one man could make a difference, and that man would be him, Butch B. Brennan, BB to his close friends. For the record, few called him triple-B. Nikki came through the doors at CARE (Corporate Alliance to Restore Equality), intent on making a difference, intent on meeting all challenges, intent on continuing to pursue her life’s calling.

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Nikki Armstrong-Measure of A Woman

Detective Nikki Evelyn Armstrong, a stunning young African American, kickass decorated member of the United States Navy and the New York City Police Department, stood at the site of the freshly dug grave surrounded by its moist piles of dirt. From where she stood, Nikki could see all the acreage known as the Canarsie Cemetery.

The cemetery was a City-owned burial ground, which ran along Remsen Avenue in Brooklyn, New York, just a few blocks south of Canarsie Park, once a part of the famed hunting ground of the Canarsie Indians, and about two miles from the Belt Parkway, the handy escape route for many Canarsie residents needing to just get away for a while.

Nikki began to shed a tear as her finely manicured, slender fingers stroked the oversized wooden casket sprinkled with knotholes, splinters, and other imperfections that housed the small body of Kamari Prescott. A young boy who seemed to love life despite its harsh realities.

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Kamari had been befriended by abuse far too often in his battered young life and visited by death much too early than what Nikki believed the good Lord intended. As she stood at the grave, she questioned the wisdom of God’s gift of free will.

It saddened Nikki deeply that she and the gravediggers were the only ones in attendance for the Home Going Service of a little boy whose life had been painfully, with no mercy, taken by his uncaring bitch of a mother. The reality of this setting renewed Nikki’s rage over the entire heartless chain of events. As she stood wondering if there was more, she could have done; or should have done, she began to ponder the injustice of it all.

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Respond, Don’t React - Close Encounters of The Law Enforcement Kind

This publication is intended to plant a seed of contemplation, which we pray will take root as each of us interacts with the more than one million persons employed on a full-time basis with the myriad of law enforcement agencies established in our communities. 

Many of us may never need to encounter a law enforcement official, be it positive or negative. However, there is a high likelihood that you will interact with a law enforcement official at some point in your life.

This publication is intended to be an aid in ensuring that the noble work of law enforcement takes fruitful root. There will be a need for honest, efficient, respectful, and ethics-based law enforcement within any civilized society.
There is no more noble profession in any society than serving the people. There is no greater human responsibility or undertaking than civil, thoughtful, and unbiased enforcement of the laws of the land. With the establishment of such organizations, which imperfect Human Beings will staff, we must ensure that “We, the people,” do the utmost to respect those enforcing the law. It is equally important to understand our rights and responsibilities as we interact with the men and women; we charge with the responsibility to uphold those laws and protect our very existence

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