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Scary Mansion

Horror & Mystery

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 Aswangs are mythical creatures in Filipino folklore often described as shapeshifters that prey on humans, particularly pregnant women and children.

They are said to have the ability to transform into different forms, such as animals or other people, to carry out their malevolent deeds.

Aswangs are associated with various supernatural abilities and are believed to feed on human flesh or blood. These stories vary across different regions in the Philippines, contributing to a rich tapestry of local legends.

Allow us today to share with you the American Aswang and all of its forms and fashions as we knock on the door of the Hideous Doldrum Manor and seek to find why it exists in all of its shapes and forms, including those to come. This is going to be, one, hell of a ride.

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Beneath The Surface

The day was pleasant. It was partly cloudy. Despite the weather reports, no signs of the thunderstorms were reported as being on the way.


I was preparing for a picnic with several of my colleagues.


While listening to the radio, I heard Dave, the weatherman, say, “There will be thunderstorms appearing in the sky within 45.3 minutes.” 

I couldn’t understand how David, the man talking, could be so precise. It sounded more like a prophecy than a weather report. Only how could that be?


He turned with a look on his face that I can only describe as a fierce grin. The bright rubber ducky sun shined brighter than ever before. Yes, for whatever reason, he called the sun “rubber ducky”. Go figure.


His words caught me by surprise. As for me, I just called the sun the sun. I never thought much about renaming it, what that name might be, and, if so, what it would mean.


However, I had learned long ago not to question Dave’s words, no matter how bizarre or prophetic they might seem to be.


Most people called him Siri. His birth name was David. Many said that he was like Albert Einstein or Isaac Newton. Names simply never impressed me.


The bottom line was that he always seemed to be ahead of the game, and not a man to be questioned, even though some thought him insane.

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