About Us

G-Square authors have more than four decades of publishing works in the genres we are dedicated to. We began with training manuals to fit the specifications of government agencies. We now work hard to fit the needs of our readers wherever they may be.

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About the CEO

Vincent E. Green is the Chief Executive Officer of G-Square Publishing LLC. During his unmatched career in the Law Enforcement arena, he has been a part of worldwide efforts to combat corruption for more than 40 years.  This includes being a First Responder at 911.

During his career with the New York City Department of Investigation (DOI), Green progressed to the position of Deputy Commissioner.
Rising through the ranks to this high position had never been done by any investigator before. 

Green’s accomplishments include leading an investigation uncovering the largest tax fraud scheme in New York City history, leading to the recovery of 20 million dollars.
Green also managed a joint investigation with the FBI and the United States Attorney’s Office uncovering a multi-million-dollar tax fraud scheme in play for thirty-five years. 
Green was one of the founders of the DOI Peace Officer Academy. He is a Firearms Instructor, as well as an instructor in the use of tactical batons and aerosol repellants.
After a successful thirty-year career at DOI, Green successfully took on the challenge of forming a department at the City University of New York with a mission of ensuring the integrity and a corruption-free environment amongst contractors being used in the University’s construction program. 
Green holds a Bachelor of Science and a master’s degree. He has lectured to United Nations Ambassadors, dignitaries, and representatives from more than 75 countries on the topic of anti-corruption.
Green has been the recipient of awards for promoting integrity in government and recognition from four Mayors of the City of New York. Upon his retirement, the Commissioner of DOI established the “Vincent Green Award for Outstanding Strategic Initiatives” to be given out each year to a deserving investigator.
Green is the author of Corruption in the Twenty-First Century; Who Rigged the Bids? Stepping Up to Combat Contract Fraud in the City of Brotherly Love, a memoir entitled, A View from My Bay, a work entitled, Memories of Ground Zero, a poetic work, entitled, “Untrammeled Love,” and a Children’s book entitled, “I Saw a Mouse Today.” To date, he has authored more than 50 books.
He is CEO of G-Square Publishing LLC. He takes the unwavering position that he will go anywhere in the world to speak against corruption. Deputy Commissioner Green can be reached at CEO@G-Square.org or 917-681-2810.

Meet The Team

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Illustrations by Nadia

Greetings, I am Nadia Fawad, a famous graphic designer, and book illustrator.I am 37 years old and I live in PakistanI am a highly motivated and enthusiastic person.Illustration is my passion and I have turned my passion into professional success.I am a diligent, friendly, creative, ethical, and flexible person with a vision to bring my client's ideas to life.I am proud to say that I have been successful in this arena when it comes to G-Square Publishing and its Children's books.My work is globally acknowledged as I go about focusing on my qualitative skills.I am looking forward to continuing my work with G-Square Publishing in creating outstanding and eye-catching illustrations.

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Robinson Reads

Robinson Reads Voice Over Services has been an awesome addition to G-Square Publishings Audiobook Offerings. Right now it is this service that brings Nikki Armstrong to life. With several more Nikki episodes being written, I am sure that the Robinson team will make a tremendous difference as we sing the praises of this adventure hero.


The Fiction Doctor

Cindy Davis is an editor extraordinaire. It is through the Doctor’s exceptional editing skills that G-Square publications has produced quality publications, again and again. We learned early on here at G-Square that two of the most import points in producing successful books is to produce a quality book cover which we consistently get from “Illustrations by Nadia”, The other is to roll out manuscripts that are error free. We are most thankful that this consistently comes from the Fiction Doctor and her team.

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Steve Boyd

Steve Boyd. G-Square Publishing makes a major commitment in producing audiobooks that are second to none. When we are taking on projects in the area of “Accountability and Integrity”, we never blink an eye. We just simply call on the services of Steve Boyd and “Mass Delusion”, who has never disappointed us, not one time.


Puja Dempla

It is all in the packaging. So, says, Puja Dempla, head of Marketing for G-Square Publishing. Each day, Puja and her team step up to the plate with news ideas for forming G-Square in new and inventive ways. She makes a big difference in how G-Square is seen.


Chiku Lweno

Chiku has been an extraordinary addition to the G-Square Team. Since becoming a part of G-Square Publishing, Chiku, who is based in Tanzania has hit the ground running in helping to organize the G-Square Publishing International efforts.


Queen Jaila Marie McCoy

Queen Jaila Maria McCoy, youth reviewer for G-Square Publishing. Queen Jaila has been reviewing G-Square Publishing Books since she was six years old. The beauty of her chosen words sings the praises of G-Square’s youth and children’s books.


Every successful organization is blessed with a visionary who stops at nothing while reaching for the sky to bring visions to life, such is the case of team Elida who works without pause to breathe life into each word intended to make G-Square a source of literary life.


Danny Swoops

G-Square is blessed with several gifted poets. We bring these poets to life through our Audiobooks and the remarkable reading style and voice of the renowned Danny Swoops.