Youth Division

Angel and Cadwallader cover.jpg


Not very long after the formation of the earth and the seeding of the planet with the Being known as man, thousands of animals were formed by the Great “IAM,” with a direction to roam specific parts of this majestic land. 


In those days, each animal could converse with the man. They would often discuss the best ways to support the land and work together to make each habitat better than when they were first formed.


As each generation of animals began, the Being known as the man was tasked with naming each beast and assigning them specific parts of this unforgettable realm to roam. 


It is unfortunate, but while this awesome responsibility grew, man lost sight of his humbling task to inspire life and be a friend to all living Beings inhabiting the land.


As time progressed, disputes began to form between man and the animals who roamed the terrain and were intended to live together harmoniously in this awesome expanse. 


A few animals were formed independently of the knowledge of men, such as Unicorns, Krakens, Jackalopes, and the much sought-after Yeti, to name a few. It was just around the time these animals were formed that man has disavowed the ability to further converse with the animals of the land.

-Vincent Green