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Youth Division

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Voices Of  Youth

Bonjour young readers. Allow me to share the youthful perspective that this book is being presented to you, which contains forty sublime manuscripts from six countries! Though I hope this might enhance your perspective on things and think innovatively. Every tale will engulf you in a new world filled with the adventure which awaits you. 
The purpose was none other but to polish young writers and to inspire others by their art of writing. 
Every manuscript is entirely divergent from each other. While we each have a story to tell, it is by no means the same story. I promise you that there is beauty in the young minds you will embrace in the coming adventures. This is just the beginning of a noble endeavor by a caring man taking on the challenge of working to reach the mountain and make a difference while lifting us young ones up along the away.

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Borders And Boundaries - The Bayview Chronicles Book 2

There was little mischief a kid could get into within the borders of Bayview and get away with it. The entire community was one family. I must admit, being a “busy kid” that was not always to my delight. Black, white, cops, storeowners; all worked in unison to keep the community speaking in one voice and with one purpose, which was taking care of one another.


I am not sure what makes a community come together in that way, but the inhabitants of Bayview made it happen; whatever the recipe, whatever the balance, the coming together of Bayview, was almost near perfection.

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LD Rooster and The Ghost of The Great Dismal Swamp In - I Ain't Scared of No Ghost

This book was inspired by my dearly departed Father-in-Law, LD Wilson. He lived minutes away from the Great Dismal Swamp and took me there on many occasions and explained to me the history of the swamp and the vital role it played in supporting the Underground Railroad, headed by the Great Harriet Tubman. 


Each trip was a beaming light shining knowledge into the mind of these Northern eyes. 


A teaser into the doorway of his world.

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Tenzin and Tsering Conquer The Covid Dragons

During a time, long ago, when Kingdoms thrived throughout the land, there existed a tiny but happy kingdom just outside of the land of Bod. It was a country so high in the mountains that it became known as the roof of the world.

This tiny kingdom that we are about to visit is known as Taymore. Some called it “Little-Bod.” Tsering and Tenzin Dhundup call it home. It is here where they have been called upon to defend the family honor and defeat the despicable Covid dragon wreaking havoc throughout the land..

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Angel and Cadwallader Save The Jackalope - No Stew For You 

Not very long after the formation of the earth and the seeding of the planet with the Being known as man, thousands of animals were formed by the Great “I Am,” with a direction to roam specific parts of this majestic land.

In those days, each animal could converse with man. As each generation and animal began, the Being known as man was tasked with naming each beast and assigning them specific parts of this unforgettable realm.

Man lost sight of his humbling task to inspire life and be a friend to all living Beings in the land. Disputes began to form between man and the animals who roamed the terrain and were intended to live together in this awesome expanse. A few animals were formed independently of the knowledge of men, such as Unicorns, Kraken, Jackalope, and the much sought-after Yeti, to name a few.

Like all of the Beings that man claims to be a myth, the legend holds little truth. The Kraken, Unicorn, Yeti, and as you will see, the Jackalope are as real as you and me. The existence of these animals is no mere myth, as the truth becomes real beginning at the birth of Angel, the gift from above, to this earthly realm.

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The Captain Bob

Summers in Bayview was an awesome time for my good friend Stan, and me. He and I had an unshakable habit of taking the short walk down to the Canarsie Pier every Tuesday and spending the day fishing and talking about anything that came to mind.


We loved fishing. Stan enjoyed eating the fish, I, not so much. But I always found the fishing part to be so much fun.


In our world, Tuesdays had been dubbed “Fishing Tuesday”. Even now, I have flashbacks of nothing but fun.


There were many days in which he and I stood at the Canarsie Pier as we watched the Captain Bob fishing boat roll in and dock once again. It was something we tried to do as often as we could, as our own fishing day off the pier was coming to a close.


The lines appeared as large numbers of people formed to get their turns to buy fish from the

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the eagle the fox and turkey.jpg

The Eagle, The Fox and The Kung Fu Turkey

Young Squanto was a son of the Wassouk Native American Indian tribe and was proud to be so.


His father, Yiska, was the chief storyteller of the clan. A very prestigious position to hold in almost any group.


Yiska had a blessed gift poured down on him from above for telling stories and the like.

He usually told these tales during festivals and other tribal events.

He also told them to young Squanto before tucking him into bed at night.

Squanto hoped to grow up and be a storyteller as well.

Like father, like son, was the thought most present in his young mind.

Squanto was confident that someday he too would grow up to be one of the best storytellers in the land, maybe even as good as his noble father, but he recognized he still had a lot to learn.

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Agent Simba is The Name - Protecting National Security is My Game.jpg

Agent Simba is The Name: Protecting National Security is My Game

Simba, known as the “Blue Lightning Bolt”, because of his sky-blue skin, was born—many would prefer the word, manufactured—at a Volkswagen plant in Braunschweig, Germany.


Please allow me to introduce myself. I am the Third Son of the Third Son, an awesome title to hold. Now let’s turn back to Simba, lest we forget that the discussion about to unfold is all about him.


A little-known fact is that from the day he rolled off the assembly line, Simba could communicate as well as you and me. This wasn’t something included in his design plans; however, he actually left the plant tapping his front right tire and singing Elvis Presley songs. When I say he could communicate like you and me, I don’t mean to imply that he had a mouth, tongue, and lips. No, he had the same equipment as any car rolling off the assembly line. However, he was able to employ these items to say so much more than Hi and Goodbye.


Just to be clear, and so there is no misunderstanding, while he is a car, a Super Beetle, in fact, he did not make a roaring sound like Volkswagens manufactured in 1971. He didn’t sound like a lawnmower tooling around like Beetles of that day very often did. Nope, no way. Simba said words just like you and me.

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In Bod.jpg

In Bod, Magic Still Exist

Now, each morning and afternoon, King Usman and Queen Jasminda surveyed the land. Pretty much at about noon, they mounted their winged stallions, direct descendants of the thought-to-be mythical Pegasus and took to the sky side-by-side, looking for things in the kingdom to improve.


Yep, that would be winged stallions, just like I said. The king and queen each had one with mighty wings that could take them to the edge of the sky if they so wished.  The king’s stallion went by the name of Elvis and the queen had named her winged stallion Mardufus, on the very day that he was born.


After six hundred years, it was becoming harder and harder to find things each day to make better.


Whenever the sunset you could always find the king and queen taking moonlit walks along the paths of Bod with just the two of them talking about their love and things to come.


No one knows exactly how many years that turned out to be. But for 

them, death, with few exceptions, only existed in fairytales, or maybe it’s more accurate to say, nightmares.


You might wonder how this could be, and if the people of Bod still live. Well, my friends, I am not in a position to answer either of those questions. Let’s read on and see.

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Coming of AGe.jpg

Coming of Age

The passing on of stories has been the primary source of teaching and sharing history since the beginning of time as we know it. In fact, many of the traditions that we embrace today came to us through Folklore tales. This is not necessarily the most accurate way of transmitting the history and the like, but it still has its place.

The key to storytelling is that it needs to grab the attention of the listener, have value and by all means, pass on a useful lesson. If you can include these points in almost any story, it is likely that you have made it interesting and worthy of passing on to others; therein ends the lesson.

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The Gator, The Chicken League And The Ticking Clock

Some call Ally Gator, “horizontally challenged.” Some call him“ pleasingly plump,” but these are just names that suggest that he might want to think about pushing away from the table and maybe even moving toward the salad bar.
Rude as that may be, we all know Body Shaming is just not nice. It is as simple as that. In truth, he is the type of Gator who will eat and eat until someone finally tells him to stop. If you’d like to volunteer to take food out of a Gator’s mouth, please raise your hand. Even then, his never-stopping jaws will attempt to lock down on any meal that he can.

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Juju Maxyman.jpg

Brisbane 5

The 10,000-year conflict between the Wiley clan and the Balfour tribe had ceased hostility for a little over 100 years. There was still no love between the two, but all of the other clans were happy that what seemed like a never-ending dispute was over. The sounding of a truce brought a sense of peace to Brisbane 5 and the rest of the known galaxies. It was understood throughout the neighboring solar systems those hostilities again if a sneeze was misunderstood, or a toe stepped on inadvertently.

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the toad.jpg

The Toad, The Grasshopper, The Swamp Beaver

Gizmo and Trina sang simple swamp songs as they skipped through the murky swampland which they daily called home. Many claimed that it was a stinky swamp, but these two had gotten used to the scent. It had gotten to the point where to them, it simply smelled like home. I know what you are probably saying to yourself. “How does a swamp song sound?” We will get to that my young friends, just wait and see. The two had become very skilled at taking charge of conquering the challenges of life that were so much a part of the Dismal Swamp.


The pair had become good friends since Gizmo, and his family moved into the stinky swamp. In the last few days, the two had befriended a new swamp arrival by the name of Benji Beaver, a long-time resident of swamp life, but new to the grounds of the famous Dismal Swamp and its ways. While Trina and Gizmo were very good friends, they were also a very competitive pair of comrades, and always bragged that they were the fastest in the swampy lands no matter what anyone else had to say. The two had never actually had a physical race. As the old saying goes, “Talk is cheap.” All of this existed in their braggadocios heads.

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