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Taking On Bullies

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You Don't Get To Bully Me!

“My name is J’Sean McCoy, and this is my story of standing up to bullies in my own unique way.” The day began like most any summer day, with the sun shining bright. The school was closed, and all of us were looking forward to a day of delight.

As the day moved by, with little warning, and to my dismay, Samantha Seahorse once again decided to sprinkle the day with her bullying ways. As I was sitting down to recline for my daily rock-a-bye nap, Samantha swam by, disturbing the flow of what I had hoped to be a peaceful day.

As she swam past, I could not help but reflect on our past and her bullying ways, day after day. I was unable to remember any day where Samantha was pleasant in any way. With her, it seemed to be a generational thing, bringing frowns to many of us around the deep blue sea. Bullies can never win..

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My Hat - Jailia McCoy and Vinny Green

Josh stepped outside to begin a fun-filled day, surprised at how chilly and gusty it was to be the beginning of May. It seemed like the Bullying Nature sisters wanted to get in another bullying day, with school about to close and summer on the way.

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Victories Of A Puny Kid

Kaden Ballard is 11-years Old. He currently lives in Gates County, North Carolina. He attends Buckland Elementary School and is doing well in his educational pursuits. Kaden started writing Victories of A Puny Kid when he was 8-years-old after working with his uncle on children’s books that his uncle was writing and editing. He has been delayed in completing this work due to the COVID 19 pandemic, and sadly, the passing of his parents, but he never strayed from his dream of becoming a published author at a young age.

Kaden is extremely pleased with having completed this work and looks forward to writing the next episode of Victories of a Puny Kid. He invites you all along for the ride and expects to include his 5-year-old Sister Aallyah, whom he loves very much in the next episode.

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The Porkie Yorkie

It was no secret in Yorkie-Ville that the Yorkie clan ruled when it came to keeping the ravenous wolves away from the rich and robust farmland. Yorkie-Ville is a blessed land inhabited by animals of all kinds. No humans live in Yorkie-Ville. The town is not designed for humankind.

It is not well known, but the Yorkie breed of dog was originally bred to hunt rats. Yes, that is what I said, RATS!

Rats are one of the few species not welcomed in Yorkie-Ville, mainly because they travel in menacing, unhealthy packs. To some, hunting rats may not seem to be a great job, but when first bred, the Yorky clan did it well. As time progressed, the Yorkies of Yorkie-Ville developed a new hunting plan. The Yorkies of today’s Yorkie-Ville stand tall and are more than ready to meet all challenges facing the inhabitants of Yorkie-Ville; taking on anyone with a plan to inflict harm on any of the inhabitants in Yorkie-Ville. These K9 sentinels are full of spunk and spirit, fearing none, and 11 happy to stand eye to eye to any being foolish enough to think they may best any Yorkie from Yorkie-Ville.

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Morgan Spencer Young
Architect to The Stars

The phone rang; young Morgan recognized the phone number as belonging to Dinsdale, the school bully with whom she had several run-ins since returning to school after the pandemic caused extensive shutdowns in her neighborhood. These encounters had all been verbal, as Morgan was not one to get into physical disputes with anyone. She had gotten so weary of Dinsdale’s bully bullying. She had no idea why he was calling. She only thought that it could not be anything good. She decided that when she picked it up, she was going to finally give him a piece of her young mind and send him on his way.

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