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Effective Study habits for Academic success

( Danya Sabeen)

In today's evolving world, education has become more demanding, requiring vigilance against illiteracy. Quality education equips individuals with essential skills, setting them apart. Employment opportunities are limited without education, even considering alternative careers.

During school, academic excellence might label you a genius or a nerd, which isn't negative. It's wise to work smart, not exhaustively, as your brain needs rest while absorbing information.

In this article, I'll share effective study techniques to excel without straining your mind:

  1. Take short breaks every 25 minutes.

  2. Study with a fresh mindset.

  3. Create engaging study notes.

  4. Utilize the Feynman Technique – simplifying complex topics.

  5. Practice spaced repetition: Understand, revisit after 8 hours, then a day, week, and month.

  6. Employ flashcards.

  7. Foster curiosity by asking 'why.'

  8. Avoid last-minute cramming.

  9. Pay attention in class.

  10. Explain concepts to a mirror or someone else.

In conclusion, prioritize smart studying!

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