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The Toad, The Grasshopper and The swamp Beave

The Toad, The Grasshopper and The swamp Beave


Gizmo and Trina sang simple swamp songs as they skipped through the murky swampland which they daily called home.


Many claimed that it was a stinky swamp, but these two had gotten used to the scent. It had gotten to the point where to them, it simply smelled like home.


I know what you are probably saying to yourself. “How does a swamp song sound?”  We will get to that my young friends, just wait and see.


The two had become very skilled at taking charge at conquering the challenges of life that were so much a part of the Dismal Swamp.


The pair had become good friends  since Gizmo, and his family moved into the stinky swamp.


In the last few days, the two had befriended a new swamp arrival by the name of Benji Beaver, a long-time resident of swamp life, but new to the grounds of the famous Dismal Swamp and its ways.


While Trina and Gizmo were very good friends, they were also a very competitive pair of comrades, and always bragged that they were the fastest in the swampy lands no matter what anyone else had to say.


The two had never actually had a physical race. As the old saying goes, “Talk is cheap.”  All of this existed in their braggadocious heads.

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