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The Eagle, The Fox and The Kung Fu Turkey

The Eagle, The Fox and The Kung Fu Turkey


Young Squanto was a son of the Wassouk Native American Indian tribe and was proud to be so.


His father, Yiska, was the chief storyteller of the clan. A very prestigious position to hold in almost any group.


Yiska had a blessed gift poured down on him from above for telling stories and the like.

He usually told these tales during festivals and other tribal events.

He also told them to young Squanto before tucking him into bed at night.


Squanto hoped to grow up and be a storyteller as well.

Like father, like son, was the thought most present in his young mind.

Squanto was confident that someday he too would grow up to be one of the best storytellers in the land, maybe even as good as his noble father, but he recognized he still had a lot to learn.

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