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Nikki Armstrong Handle with Care

Nikki Armstrong Handle with Care


Today, BB needed to push it aside and get ready for a new day, with a new addition to the CARE ensemble. A new piece of the CARE package which BB unflinchingly believed could take his vision to a new level, which was the joining of Nikki Evelyn Armstrong to the crew.

BB knew precisely how Nikki felt when she decided to toss her badge and end an important stage of her life’s calling. It was ten years ago to the day, in which BB too had a Nikki experience, depositing his gun and badge into the East River. With the jettisoning of that weight, BB came to the realization one man could make a difference and that man would be him, Butch B. Brennan, BB to his close friends. For the record, few called him triple-B.

Nikki came through the doors at CARE (Corporate Alliance to Restore Equality) intent on making a difference; intent on meeting all challenges, intent on continuing to pursue her life’s calling.

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