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Many Years Ago, Today (By Rita Harris-Green)

Many Years Ago, Today (By Rita Harris-Green)




    Husband, father, handsome, artistic, strong, charming, intelligent, articulate, kind, loving, forgiving, patient, generous, and every other positive adjective there is in the dictionary, which is what describes him.

    Everyone loved him, and I was first in line. He was the kind of person people just wanted to be around. Believe it or not, seeking his wisdom was not out of bounds. There were those who even thought to emulate him because he carried himself as a proud Husband, Father, brother, and son until he met you, a scheming succubus, and your parasitic bent. Intent on draining an honorable man with nothing but heroic and resolute intent.

    He became a being that not even his family knew. A Mr. Hyde to the Dr. Jekyll that everyone knew. He came into our lives with gale-force winds, a hurricane, tearing up the roots laid down by parents, siblings, and yes, even his loving wife. The very foundation that we were trying to build our lives upon.

    You skillfully reduced it all to sand in a windstorm. Your seductive and alluring chant somehow seemed pleasing to him, despite the pleas of those who cared. Tempting, taunting, tormenting, and compelling this man among men, causing him to behave in ways that he couldn't control. He became grotesque as he morphed into a being unknown. Becoming an alien, a next-generation parasite, an undesirable character meeting the needs of no one other than the new beast within.

    You became the love of his life; I couldn't compare or compete even though I was his wife. You turned him into the slave that he didn't want to be. He couldn't help himself; he lusted after you even more than he loved me.


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