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In Bod, Magic Still Exist

In Bod, Magic Still Exist


Now, each morning and afternoon, King Usman and Queen Jasminda surveyed the land. Pretty much at about noon, they mounted their winged stallions, direct descendants of the thought-to-be mythical Pegasus and took to the sky side-by-side, looking for things in the kingdom to improve.


Yep, that would be winged stallions, just like I said. The king and queen each had one with mighty wings that could take them to the edge of the sky if they so wished.


The king’s stallion went by the name of Elvis and the queen had named her winged stallion Mardufus, on the very day that he was born.


After six hundred years, it was becoming harder and harder to find things each day to make better.


Whenever the sunset you could always find the king and queen taking moonlit walks along the paths of Bod with just the two of them talking about their love and things to come.


No one knows exactly how many years that turned out to be. But for 

them, death, with few exceptions, only existed in fairytales, or maybe it’s more accurate to say, nightmares.


You might wonder how this could be, and if the people of Bod still live. Well, my friends, I am not in a position to answer either of those questions. Let’s read on and see.

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