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If You Build it They Will Come

If You Build it They Will Come



Some of the most damaging acts of fraud affecting the stability of a nation, community, or organization manifest themselves in the form of procurement fraud. When government sets out to build its procurement systems, corrupt individuals within and without will work to take dishonest advantage of what has and is being built. If you doubt the truth of this statement, then I would ask why there exist extensive procurement and policy rules intended to protect organizations against fraud. The answer is, to ensure that the role of government moves forward.

THE COST OF FRAUD It is estimated that there are between 2.9 – 3.7 trillion dollars in fraud losses annually in procurement operations. The average fraud scheme has a lifespan of 18 months before it is detected. Twenty-four percent of the reported fraud that takes place materializes in billing schemes of various types. 

Studies have shown that anti-fraud controls have the ability to reduce occurrences & losses from fraud. This publication will walk the reader or listener through proven methods for establishing anti-fraud steps to reduce, if not eliminate procurement fraud.

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