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CYBERBULLYING; an alarming case?

Danya Sabeen ( 15 years ) The pernicious conveying of the digital era that best represents the darker sides of technical advancement is cyberbullying. The premeditated, malicious use of online platforms to harass, threaten, or injure people while leaving permanent psychological scars is a corrosive phenomenon. The faceless aspect of the cyber world gives offenders a veil of anonymity, giving them the confidence to do heinous crimes with impunity.

The effects of cyberbullying are wide-ranging and serious. Victims go through emotional distress, feeling anxious, miserable, and even may face depression in the worst case. The consequences spread throughout society, destroying online communities' core foundations by diminishing trust and empathy.

A comprehensive strategy is required to address this threat. Empathy and digital ethics education should be included in it.

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