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I Saw a Mouse Today

Akbar Brown lives comfortably in his four-bedroom home with his loyal dog Benji.

The two of them pay special attention to maintaining the home and making sure their friends always feel comfortable and welcome.

Once Boris, an uninvited mouse, makes his way into their home, Akbar is intent on having the intruder find someplace else to live.

It’s not long before Boris is getting away from every trap that Akbar sets for him.

In fact, as the days go forward, Akbar believes that Boris and Benji have become friends.

Will Akbar be victorious in his quest to send Boris packing, or will the outcome be different than any of them had planned?
Enjoy the experience of listening while Akbar executes his plan.

-Vincent Green

Corruption in the 21st Century

To most people, corruption is a sound bite on the evening news.  The reality is that corruption is more akin to a vampire bite sucking the life's blood from a society, killing some, and converting others.

It operates in the dark and is no respecter of men.  It preys upon the young and the old, the rich, and the poor.

Race, culture, and ethnicity hold no barrier against it.  It holds a universal passport and has successfully slipped into all nations, communities, and tribes.

Where values exist, corruption works to compromise those values.

Where hope exists, corruption rushes in like a raging flood to dash that hope.

This book is intended to be the building book for the damn that will hold back that flood of corruption in our societies.

-Vincent Green

Untrammeled Love

In this sharing from the heart, my contributors and I attempt to explore love and, in some instances, hate in their many forms and sources.

I have loved and been in love.

I have endured broken hearts and might have even broken one or two, although as I look in the mirror, I seriously doubt it. 

I have foolishly thought that I had it all figured out, only to realize, when it comes to love and being in love, I have but scratched the surface, and my vision remains severely trammeled. 

I have seen people do physical harm to one another, claiming to be acting in love.

I have witnessed mental anguish poured out like a flood, again claiming love as the cause.

I have seen death invited through the door like a lustful vampire, once more under some pretext that, in death, love will endure. 

What I am prepared to say is that too many of us have never met love face to face. They have made little effort to keep pace with what they assumed was love but never embraced true love in all of its glory.

-Vinny Green

Memories of Ground Zero

From There to Here, Making Each Count

When the towers came down, I had an untrammeled view of the cloud of debris as it traveled up the street, swallowing people as they fled the area.

Of all the memories I have of that day, watching those people disappear into the gaping mouth of that debris cloud is one that I do not think I will ever forget or even come close to accurately sharing in words.

-Vincent Green

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Thanks to the Sun

Have you ever looked upon the Sun, thought about from where its beauty comes?

Have you ever wondered how the sun came to be; was it shaped like clay or heavenly words spoken so that humans may live and breathe?

-Vinny Green

My Hat

Josh is eight years old and lives with his family in a beautiful house with a big backyard in Raleigh, North Carolina. 

When Josh was four years old, his older Cousin Doris’ cat, who she, strangely, enough had named Dawg, had a litter of kittens.

Doris told Josh he could have any kitten he liked, as long as he promised to treat it with respect and be more of a friend than an owner. The two should true friendship on the day that Windy blows Josh's hat away.

-Vinny Green

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