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Vinny Green

“Each man must be his own purveyor of truth.”


Greetings, and thank you for taking the time, not just from your day, but your life to visit with us here at G-Square Publishing.

Taking the time to access the G-Square Publishing website has made my day and reaffirmed my commitment to sharing the inspiration we are blessed with each day.


Outside of my awesome family and my rewarding profession as a corruption fighter and author, I have to say that forming G-Square publishing has been the greatest joy of my life.


I get that as I write these words, I am not guaranteed the insight to undoubtedly claim the success of this organization from a financial perspective. However, I am prepared to announce the clarion call that G-Square Publishing is already a success as a source of sharing and caring for those who will take the time to allow the G-Square mind-meld exchange in sharing our publications to become a rewarding experience in your life.

We welcome your feedback on each of the publications that we bring to life and open our website to any areas of sharing that you may think G-Square Publishing should consider exploring.


Carpe Diem!

G-Square Publications Welcomes You!

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