Protector of the Month

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G-Square Publishing Protector of the Month August 2020

Chiku Lweno, a former Television news anchor in Tanzania, uses her journalism skills and background to advocate for a better life for the underprivileged in the Republic of Tanzania.  

Through her current job mentoring program, a group of journalists who report on parenting and Early Childhood Development, came upon a story about the rape and subsequent pregnancy of a teenage girl. This heinous act was brought to Chiku’s attention.

 The teenage girl, who was raped by a family member, was expelled from school, and thrown out of her home.

With this young lady’s hopes and dreams dimmed, she took refuge with her aunt, who could barely support the young mother and her new-born son.

As a women’s and children’s rights activist Chiku, in an effort to protect this young lady, decided to take it upon herself to counsel and financially support the girl to help her realize her new wish to learn the profession of tailor, and start a small business.

Since stepping in to help this young lady, Chiku has, at her own expense, bought a mobile phone for the young lady so that they can start communicating regularly. Plans are underway to enroll the mother in a nearby tailoring school.

G-Square Publishing has recognized Chiku’s efforts and named her Protector of the Month for August 2020.

With this recognition, Chiku will receive the G-Square certificate of honor. In addition, G-Square Publishing will be providing the funding for the purchase of a sewing machine as an initial investment in the young mother’s soon to be business.

Beginning in September 2020, G-Square will make twelve monthly $50 donations in Chiku’s name to help support the young mother’s efforts to support her family by starting her own business. We congratulate Chiku on her humanitarian efforts, and wish this young mother exceeding success and long life for her and her child.


G-Square Publishing Protector of the Month July 2020

Officer Burke is 32 years old and is blessed with a beautiful wife and two awesome children. He has not only served the great state of Washington but has also served this nation as a member of the United States Air Force for 6 years on active duty and 3 years in the Washington State Air National Guard.

Officer Burke currently serves the community of Lynnwood Washington in its Police Department and has served Lynnwood with distinction for 8 years. He currently performs Patrol duties and is a fully trained Crime Scene Technician and Field Training Officer.

Officer Burke, also known as "AJ" is slated to be the next School Resource Officer at Lynnwood’s local High School.

AJ has requested that the grant awarded to him, by G-Square Publishing be given to the "Me Too Movement"  on his behalf.

Officer Burke has offered his profound thanks for this incredible honor and is committed to continuing to do his very best to honor this country and the community of Lynnwood to the very best of his ability.