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Agent Simba is The Name: Protecting National Security is My Game

Agent Simba is The Name: Protecting National Security is My Game


Simba, known as the “Blue Lightning Bolt”, because of his sky-blue skin, was born—many would prefer the word, manufactured—at a Volkswagen plant in Braunschweig, Germany.


Please allow me to introduce myself. I am the Third Son of the Third Son, an awesome title to hold. Now let’s turn back to Simba, lest we forget that the discussion about to unfold is all about him.


A little-known fact is that from the day he rolled off the assembly line, Simba could communicate as well as you and me. This wasn’t something included in his design plans; however, he actually left the plant tapping his front right tire and singing Elvis Presley songs.


When I say he could communicate like you and me, I don’t mean to imply that he had a mouth, tongue, and lips. No, he had the same equipment as any car rolling off the assembly line. However, he was able to employ these items to say so much more than Hi and Goodbye. Just to be clear, and so there is no misunderstanding, while he is a car, a Super Beetle, in fact, he did not make a roaring sound like Volkswagens manufactured in 1971. He didn’t sound like a lawnmower tooling around like Beetles of that day very often did. Nope, no way. Simba said words just like you and me.

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