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G-Square Can Make Reading Enjoyable for Your Children

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Reading and sharing stories is essential for your children, but you must know which books to consider. Give them books filled with moral values that develop their character. Let them explore the creative corners of their minds with books that have enjoyable, strong ethical characters with morals along with entertaining stories that teach them about their own identity. You will get them all at G-Square Publications.

A survey conducted by the National Literacy Trust (NLT) as part of Reading Connects (Clark and Foster, 2005) found that the majority of children emphasized skills-related reasons for reading. Half the children said they read because it is a skill for life and because it will help them find what they need or want to know. Reading as a fun activity was the third most frequently chosen reason. More boys than girls reported that they read because it will help them get a job or because they have to. Girls indicated reading because it is fun, it teaches them how other people live and because it gives them a break.

G-Square Publishing books are children tested and approved. Our books are inspired by actual children known by G-Square Publishing, so we have a deep and realistic insight into what children and young adults enjoy about reading. We have taken it a step further by ensuring that we hired the best narrators for our audio books. Our stories and characters are exciting and inspiring. When children are engaged in exciting and inspiring activities the results are stronger communication skills and good for overall social and cognitive development. It lays the seeds of creativity and imagination in your child’s growing mind.

Within G-Square Youth Publishing works, Our Young Minds will find words colored in purple, a color representing the royalty of each of our growing young minds. For each budding King or Queen who send G-Square the meanings of the purple words, a certificate recognizing their efforts will be sent to them, acknowledging the growth in their vocabulary and self-esteem.

Send definitions All purple words should be defined in order to be recognized as a “G-Square Youth, Budding Young Mind.”

The biggest reason we are emphasizing reading is that it involves wide activities. These activities include storytelling, understanding rhymes, conversation, learning new words, and mastering the language.

Considering the variety of activities that define reading, we cannot deny the fact that your child’s reading skills can make a huge difference when it comes to his/her academic success, work, and life.

It would be best if you encourage your children to start reading from an early age. In this blog post, we will discuss what impact reading leave on your child’s mind and why reading is essential for your child.

So, without further ado, let’s begin!

How Reading Affects Your Child’s Development?

When it comes to children, they have an innate love for stories. Even if they dash into the library and search for the most complex-looking books, you need to understand that they aren’t interested in the tongue-twisting terminology. Instead, they crave the story.

Reading facilitates storytelling while making the entire process enjoyable. This way, it encourages play where they can explore things outside their routine and give power to their wonderful imagination.

As your child begins to read, he/she learns about the world around them. They listen and observe how one should respond to different situations. It develops their character;thus we can say that reading has a positive impact on your child’s development. It is better than just cuddling your children.

Why is Reading Important for Your Child?

Reading has profound benefits for your child. It focuses on developing literary skills, facilitating good social behavior, and encouraging your child’s participation. The important thing to note here is that books are the most stable source of information that your children can refer to throughout their life.

When your children read books, they develop a deeper understanding of their surroundings as they get to know different sounds, words, and language. Consistent reading fills their brains with the knowledge that boosts creativity and stimulates curiosity.

When your children begin reading various texts, they understand events and develop strong emotions that aid their social development. Moreover, it helps children learn the difference between the real and what they are made to believe.

We are in this together! G-Square want your child to succeed in life as much as you do. Reading is fundamental and together we can achieve that goal for your child.

If you are looking for some great reading ideas for your children, consider checking the wide selection of books here.

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