• Vinny Green


“Where doth exist the antidote to indifference. More to the point, who among us is willing to swallow?”

On whose shelf rest the remedy for guile, the elixir for integrity, the pill for poverty?

In what university is enrolled the student who can master the fine art of caring without judgment, with even measure, with equality and untrammeled vision?

Who is the physician prepared to write the prescription for truth?

I seek the inventor holding the patent-pending for accountability.

Introduce me to the pharmacist who has tucked in a pocket the ointment to clear the blemish of dishonor?

Point to the Pirate whose treasure map will “X,” reveal the bloodstained banner of righteousness and the Chest plate of honor?

Step forward, the blacksmith who proudly maintains the forge of freedom?

If necessity is the mother of invention, let us recognize the need and birth the cure for indifference and nurse from the teats of prosperity.

Gather as we take out mortar and pestle and mix the cure for deceit.

Let us look over the horizon in great anticipation of victory and never accept defeat.

Is it all as elusive as a bumblebee and as stinging like a wasp?

Or is all that is needed is to stop the talk and walk the walk?

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