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We often say that children are the future of tomorrow. However, this can happen only when the parents focus on children's holistic development. Since reading develops a child’s brain holistically, making them high academic achievers. These children have better comprehension skills and are more capable of learning and accelerating than non-readers.

The following are some important critical reasons why and how children can benefit significantly from reading:

1. Reading allows children to explore so many different positive things the world offers. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars traveling worldwide to learn and experience all the beautiful aspects of the world. They can hold it in the palm of their hands by reading books.

Reading books takes them to a world they have never seen before. They get to experience new and fascinating adventures through books. This is one book called - “Mardufus” that will take your child on an exciting expedition written by Vinny Green, available at Amazon, Kindle, and Audible

2. Reading develops cognition

Reading increases mental action and the process of acquiring knowledge and understanding through thoughts and experience. As a result, it makes children more intelligent and improves their eye coordination and the sensory of colors and pictures simultaneously. This is an excellent exercise for a child’s developing mind. The go-to book for this purpose is “Victories of a Puny Kid” by an 11-year-old author Kaden Ballard. Who understands children better than other children? This will be the perfect book for your child. You can get this at Amazon, Kindle, and Audible

3. Reading improves concentration

Have you ever gotten lost in the middle of a page while reading and can’t recall what you just read? This means that you lost concentration, which could be for many reasons. However, when children read exciting and engaging books, they tend to maintain their focus. G-Square Publishing strives to ensure that all our children’s books provide exciting stories and leave them wanting more! The more children read, their brain becomes sharper. It is often seen that children who are avid readers are also good at communication and have high intellect. I Saw A Mouse Today is available at Amazon, Kindle, and Audible ttps://

4. Reading cures negative feelings among children

Children are full of emotions, both positive and negative. Sometimes children experience negative feelings like loneliness and low self-esteem. G-Square books help children overcome such negative feelings and enhance their moral conscience. It keeps them engaged and makes them feel loved and empowered to do anything and become whatever they inspire to be in life. Many children also develop friendly relationships with book characters. Reading books like “My Hat,” written by Vinny Green and 11-year-old author Jaila Marie McCoy will be an excellent book for your child to have in their collection.

You can get this at Amazon, Kindle, and Audible ttps://

5. Reading is a great bonding activity for children

With parents working longer hours nowadays, parents find it more challenging to balance family life. Quality family time is more critical than ever. Reading together can form an excellent bonding time for a family. Parents get to see their children enjoy and learn. Parents can correct the mistakes that their children make while reading. This type of activity strengthens the family unit and builds stronger family relationships.

In Conclusion:

  1. Reading induces sleep and keeps nightmares at bay,

  2. Reading a book is an excellent way to end the day.

Storybooks paint a beautiful fantasy in a child’s mind. Creativity is a unique quality that makes people stand out. Reading helps children think critically and understand people and the world better.

G-Square Publishing understands we are living in a digital era. Reading often takes a backseat, and children remain constantly exposed to screens. This is why G-Square also offers many of our books on Kindle and Audible. Allow G-Square Publishing to help little minds open up to new horizons.

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