Division of Poetry and Prose

G-Square Publications, Division of Poetry and Prose, offers a series of thought-provoking poetry and short stories that will pull at your heartstrings.

My Mind to Your Mind

My Mind to Your Mind is the third volume in a series of poetic works and short stories of which the author, Vinny Green, hopes will be viewed as a thought-provoking sharing.

These three volumes, A View from My Bay, Untrammeled Love, and My Mind to Your Mind, have been a unique undertaking in that very little of it was a planned effort.

Vinny believes these volumes to be the contributing work of the Lord, as he has never seen himself as a poet or writer and never capable of expressing feelings of love and caring.

It is with unspeakable gratitude that we thank each of you for taking time from not just your day, but also your life to ponder the words and thoughts of this author’s corporeal mind, which has happily become this work, My Mind, to your Mind.

-Vinny Green

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IF GOD HAD TO ACCOUNT FOR US: Thoughts and Poems Not Necessarily Rolling from the Mind of One Who Knows

If God had to account for us?

If God had to account for each of us, what would He say on your judgment day?

Could he put up a poster of you taking point in the fight against demons and the like?
Could the angels sing proudly of your accomplishments?
Alas, would Satan know your name as a supporter of his game? Would your lucky number be 666, a symbol of your allegiance to Lucifer and his dirty tricks?

Could God say, “Well done, my good and faithful servant?”
Or would it be followed by, “Except for the time you rejected my son?” Could God say there should be more like you, or would He have to confess that the concept of time, He did invent to eventually end the hate spewed by the likes of you?

If God had to account for you, would the books be balanced? Would there be goodness due?
Can your life be reconciled without debate?
Would the pearly gates swing open, happy at the return on the investment in which God did make?

Could God account for you as being one of His best?
Would there be a crown awaiting and a righteous vest?

-Vinny Green

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It is Not About Color, It is Your State of Mind

WOP, MICK, GINUE, SPIC, COON, SLOP, TOWEL-HEAD, RED-MAN, KIKE, SPEAR-CHUCKER, JUNGLE BUNNY, BEANER, and GREASER, if you know any of these words, their guinea, and shameless offspring, then it is time to strike them from your life. 

Erase them from your mind, delete them from the vocabulary of People kind.
Do you think that your opinion of me, in truth, determines my place in this society? 
At the end of the day, it is not about race, gender, or the different people that may come to mind working to pass judgment on me and the rest of mankind.

-Vincent Green


This is a continuing effort by author and poet, Vinny Green to share his blessing from above to share his inspired words and thoughts. He continues to share the inspired words that come to mind in the hope of touching hearts and inspiring minds.

-Vinny Green

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50 Quotes and Thoughts, Inspired By Love and Hope

I have been told that embracing the undertaking of writing a book filled with my own quotes and thoughts is nothing more than a sign of my arrogance.


One so eloquently shared that this book authenticates that I am an egotistical asshole.

My considered response to these opinions, which we all have, is, “Everyone has to be something; Asshole it is!”

-Vincent Green

Just A Few Things That I Need To Share

I awake most days wondering if I have it in me to make a positive difference in someone’s life.


It isn’t something I need to plan for, it is a path I must step upon and be prepared to walk in faith without deviation or separation. It's all about having the spirit willing to share.

-Vinny Green

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A View From My Bay: Growing Up Me-The Poetic Lines

In 2017, G-Square Publishing released “A View from My Bay”. This noteworthy work was unique in that it consisted of a combination of short stories and poems that told of the life of the author Vinny Green as he grew into a notable corruption fighter.

In this poetic spin-off, entitled “Growing Up Me-The Poetic Lines”, Vinny has taken the poetic portion of his previous work and released it into the form which is now before you. These forty-two poetic works strung together follow from childhood to adulthood in forming the man that Vinny has become, enjoy the ride.

-Vincent Green

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Minutes From The Heart

In this newly released book from the G-Square Department of Poetry and Prose, Minutes from The Heart, Glimpses into a Man and His Heart, we have been able to unearth the treasure trove of poetic works that Daryl left behind at the time of his untimely demise. We at G-Square are confident that each of you turning these pages, will be abundantly blessed.

On most any day, you might hear Daryl and his daughters recite the following:

What did Martin say?

I have a dream.


What did Malcolm say?

By any means necessary.


What are you?

A strong black woman

-Daryl Green

Untrammeled Love

In this sharing from the heart, my contributors and I attempt to explore love and, in some instances, hate in their many forms and sources.

I have loved and been in love.


I have endured broken hearts and might have even broken one or two, although as I look in the mirror, I seriously doubt it. 


I have foolishly thought that I had it all figured out, only to realize, when it comes to love and being in love, I have but scratched the surface, and my vision remains severely trammeled. 


I have seen people do physical harm to one another, claiming to be acting in love.

I have witnessed mental anguish poured out like a flood, again claiming love as the cause.


I have seen death invited through the door like a lustful vampire, once more under some pretext that, in death, love will endure. 

What I am prepared to say is that too many of us have never met love face to face. They have made little effort to keep pace with what they assumed was love but never embraced true love in all of its glory.

-Vinny Green