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Untrammeled Vision;

An Introduction to Covert Surveillance Operations

Surveillance is not just about following; it is about culture, economics, ideologies, values, ethics, and piecing the puzzle together. How to conduct surveillance does not come in a box, on a flash drive, or in a manual. Those things are just a foundation upon which to build. The way that an investigator learns how to conduct surveillance is by doing surveillance.

The skill required in conducting surveillance is very much akin to that required for the game of chess. As with chess, not everyone is good at it.

-Vincent Green

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Who Rigged the Bids:

Combating Contract fraud in the

City of Brotherly Love

It’s pretty easy to be cynical about public corruption. Abuse of power by political leaders and government employees goes back to the beginnings of recorded history, and even casual readers of the news will encounter too many stories of graft. Nevertheless, the book you are about to read is a powerful and effective antidote to feelings of cynicism and helplessness. Vinny Green, for whom I had the honor of working for seven years, is one of the leading contemporary voices advocating for a crusade against corruption, which he rightly sees as an insidious disease that erodes confidence in government and which has pernicious effects both seen and unseen, including increased disengagement from the democratic process and the loss of hope in a better future. Let this book be a building block in the construction of the dam to hold back the flood of corruption working to drown hope and smoother integrity.

-Vincent Green

Who Rigged the Bids 

Inspection and Oversight

In his second inaugural address in 1937, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the 32nd president of the United States shared the following quote; "The test of progress is not whether we add more to the abundance of those who have much; it is whether we provide enough for those who have too little."

The president understood that it's somewhat of an easy undertaking for the rich to increase their wealth. However, in contrast, he also understood, without fear of serious rebuttal, that it is much harder for the poor among us to stop being poor.

The president also understood that sought after goals such as freedom and equality go hand in hand. These are goals that corruption and its spawns of despair work each day to bring about the demise. Accept this book as the guardian standing in the gap prepared to combat all corrupt undertaking working to bring about the demise of hope.

-Vincent Green

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Respond, Don’t React:

Close Encounter of a Law Enforcement Kind 


“If abuses are destroyed, man must destroy them.

If slaves are freed, mentally, and physically, man must free them.

If new truths are discovered, man must discover them.

If the naked are clothed.

If the hungry are fed.

If justice is done.

If labor is rewarded,

If superstition is driven from the mind.

If the defenseless are protected and if right finally triumphs,

All must be the work of man.

The grand victories of the future must be won by man, and by man alone.”

Robert G. Ingersoll, On the Gods and Other Essays

Corruption in the 21st Century

To most people, corruption is a sound bite on the evening news.  The reality is that corruption is more akin to a vampire bite sucking the life's blood from a society, killing some, and converting others.

It operates in the dark and is no respecter for men.  It preys upon the young and the old, the rich, and the poor.

Race, culture, and ethnicity hold no barrier against it.  It holds a universal passport and has successfully slipped into all nations, communities, and tribes.

Where values exist, corruption works to compromise those values.

Where hope exists, corruption rushes in like a raging flood to dash that hope.

This book is intended to be the building book for the damn that will hold back that flood of corruption in our societies.

-Vincent Green

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One Brick at a Time

 A Discussion for Building a Foundation of Integrity and a Corruption Free Environment in Developing Nations

After meeting with the highest levels of government in several developing nations plagued by corruption, I engaged in discussions focused on planning steps to bring corruption to its knees.


After these discussions, I was asked to prepare a plan of action that had the possibility of being a valuable resource in helping to develop and, so-called, “Third World Nations” as they continue to move forward in the struggle to take on this battle, and bring about a victorious end to the stronghold that corruption seems to have in these governmental institutions.

-Vincent Green

Active Shooters

In Houses of Worship

This book is written by experienced staff at the G-Square International Training Academy in an effort to address the growing presence of Active Shooters in houses of worship. The content is intended to offer options and thoughtful guidance to houses of worship of all beliefs.

It is our prayer that this publication will bring insight to those who may be entrapped in an active shooter or other life-threatening situation while attending services, or other activities in houses of worship.

We hope to achieve this by discussing best practices to combat the Active Shooter phenomenon, as well as the best course of action to take when First Responders arrive.

This publication is not intended to be an exhaustive accounting of all available options. It is an effort to present our readers with possibilities that can contribute to survival in the demon-inspired actions of an Active Shooter event.

-Vincent Green

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