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G-Square Publishing Educator of the Month June 2020

Making a difference in the lives of the youth of the Bronx N.Y. in what the uninformed call “The Projects,” a name that suggests some type of experiment, not a term of endearment or push for enlightenment.
Clyde works to strike that name from use as an identifier of the inhabitants of the Butler and Forest Houses in the Bronx, and uplift the lives of those soles living in “Housing projects” in the Bronx N.Y.
Clyde’s insight has a selfless goal to lift the youth, inspire hope and not just bring light to an endless tunnel, but dismantle the confining tunnels of life and break through to the endless bright light that he has
worked for 3 decades to beam into the lives of the youth in the Bronx. Clyde has been given a $50 grant, by G-Square Publishing. We salute Clyde on a caring life.

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