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Thanks to the Sun

Have you ever looked upon the Sun, thought about from where its beauty comes?

Have you ever wondered how the sun came to be; was it shaped like clay or heavenly words spoken so that humans may live and breathe?

-Vinny Green

Split Peas and Grease

The sun has risen high in the sky.

At Public School 272, that meant time for lunch, so everyone put on that special lunchtime smile.

Good food and fun was the only thing on my young mind. I usually ate with my Boy Drew.

When the lunch bell rang, I would be the first to yell, “Get your coat, time for a hearty meal.

-Vinny Green

I Saw a Mouse Today

Akbar Brown lives comfortably in his four-bedroom home with his loyal dog Benji.

The two of them pay special attention to maintaining the home and making sure their friends always feel comfortable and welcome.

Once Boris, an uninvited mouse, makes his way into their home, Akbar is intent on having the intruder find someplace else to live.

It’s not long before Boris is getting away from every trap that Akbar sets for him.

In fact, as the days go forward, Akbar believes that Boris and Benji have become friends.

Will Akbar be victorious in his quest to send Boris packing, or will the outcome be different than any of them had planned?
Enjoy the experience of listening while Akbar executes his plan.

-Vinny Green

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My Hat

Josh is eight years old and lives with his family in a beautiful house with a big backyard in Raleigh, North Carolina. 

When Josh was four years old, his older Cousin Doris’ cat, who she, strangely, enough had named Dawg, had a litter of kittens.

Doris told Josh he could have any kitten he liked, as long as he promised to treat it with respect and be more of a friend than an owner. The two should true friendship on the day that Windy blows Josh's hat away.

-Vinny Green


It was the first day back at school for young Arayah. She was eager to hit the ground running to begin another year of learning new things and sharing all she had done during her fun-filled summer. 

Her need to share included talking about her trip to Pakistan to visit her family in Islamabad. While there, Arayah found out that Islamabad means, “Flourishing Islam.”

Arayah was proud to share this fact with her friends and neighbors.

-Vinny Green

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